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Cataracts Services from Your West Des Moines Eye Doctor

Vision changes often develop so gradually that patients are surprised when they receive a diagnosis of cataracts, according to our West Des Moines eye doctor.  Regular comprehensive eye exams are a crucial factor in managing cataracts for patients who visit our Huseman Eye Care optometry practice.

senior with cataracts in eyes

Overview of Cataracts

Cataracts are the most common in people older than 60.  They are the result of a protein buildup on the lens of an eye, causing it to become cloudy.  When light cannot pass clearly through the lens, the patient loses some eyesight. 

Among seniors, early detection is an important part of eye cataract and eye disease management.  Cataracts treatment in Des Moines for many patients includes cataract surgery, which an ophthalmologist performs.

Our eye doctor in West Des Moines notes that there are four kinds of cataracts.  The first type is age-related.  The congenital form occurs when cataracts are present when a child is born.  Secondary cataracts develop because of other health conditions such as diabetes, taking certain medications, or exposure to harmful substances such as radiation.  Other potential culprits are cigarette smoke, heavy alcohol consumption, and air pollution.

Since this disorder develops slowly, many patients are unaware that cataracts exist until they block light.  Cloudy, filmy, foggy, or blurry vision is a typical symptom.  Nearsightedness in mature patients is common.  Other common signs include changes in color perception, glare from nighttime driving, double vision, and ineffectiveness of eyewear.

Cataracts Treatment in Des Moines

Because there is no proven way to prevent cataracts, regular exams are essential.  Our optometrist treats cataracts based on the level of visual impairment the patient is experiencing.  If the disorder only minimally affects vision, no treatment might be necessary.  At that point, cataracts treatment in Des Moines consists of regular exams and careful monitoring.

Often a new eyeglasses prescription provides temporary visual improvement.  Our optometrist might also recommend anti-glare lens coatings that help cut glare while driving at night.  Simple visual aids such as increasing the amount of reading light are helpful to many patients with cataracts.

When growth of a cataract eventually affects an individual’s ability to perform normal daily tasks, our West Des Moines eye doctor typically advises surgery.  Cataract removal is a safe and highly effective procedure performed on an outpatient basis by an ophthalmologist.  The surgeon removes the lens of the affected eye and replaces it with an artificial one. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Eye Doctor in West Des Moines

Don’t let cataracts interfere with your active lifestyle.  Our Huseman Eye Care practice can provide all the vision care you need before and after cataract surgery.  We offer full optometric services, including eye disease management, to patients in West Des Moines and Des Moines, IA.  To schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in West Des Moines, call our Valley West office at 515-224-9681 or our Merle Hay office at 515-278-1653 today.

Do you have any symptoms of cataracts?

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