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Symptoms and Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

The malady known as dry eye syndrome has likely existed since the dawn of time, but lately, its frequency has surged. This is because new causes of the problem have become widespread. Still, not every case is a result of these modern changes. Therefore, it's important to visit an optometrist in Des Moines to determine what's at the root of your dry eyes before deciding on a treatment plan. Here are some of the top things you may hear:

Woman with Dry Eye Syndrome in West Des Moines, IA.

You Need to Take More Breaks from Your Technology

Staring at screens, whether they belong to your PC or your phone, can easily cause your eyes to get too dry. That's because people blink far less frequently when they are busy staring at something compelling. The lack of blinking makes it so that your natural tears aren't washed over the surface of your eyes enough to prevent dryness. Irritation results, but fortunately, blinking more will usually cure it. The easiest way to ensure that you blink more is to take breaks away from your computer, phone, or even your TV.

You May Have Blepharitis

Blepharitis is an irritation of the eyelids that may be caused by infection, mites, or other agents. In response to this irritation, your tears may become too thin to provide healing benefits. Over time, tear production can slow or even stop. Because the problem may be progressive, it's important to have it diagnosed and treated. Here at Huseman Eye Care in Des Moines IA, we offer a number of therapies to take care of this problem.

Your Anti-Allergy Medicine Might Be Causing It

Antihistamines dry up all sorts of bodily fluids. This is great for relieving your stuffy nose, but it's not the best for your eyes.

Aging Can Reduce Tear Production

As you age, your body tends to be less profuse when it comes to the production of fluids. When this affects your eyes, you can end up with dry eye.

What Can be Done about Dry Eye Syndrome?

The treatment that will be recommended by your optometrist depends on the cause of the problem. If there is no underlying medical issue, eye drops and behavior modification (such as taking more breaks from your computer) will likely be recommended. Issues like blepharitis, on the other hand, will need to be treated in order to remove the root cause of the problem. In many cases, this will also get rid of your dry eyes.

To make an appointment and find the solution to your dry eyes, just contact us at one of our two offices. We serve the areas of Des Moines, West Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding locales.

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