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Causes of Eye Allergies Go Beyond the Season

Itchy, watery eyes are hallmark symptoms of allergies, and many medication ads specifically mention the condition for this reason. The problem is that these ads give the impression that eye discomfort only accompanies seasonal allergies. Many people are then surprised when their eyes itch or water during other times of the year. To help prevent any more unwanted surprises, we're providing some information on more of the sources of eye-irritating allergens.

Woman with eye allergies needs to seek an eye doctor in Des Moines.


This is likely the most common household irritant there is. Standard cleaning not only does not eliminate it but can instead bring it into the air. This is because typical dusting actions don't trap dust, but instead, scatter it away from the cleaned items and make it airborne. Standard vacuums also don't catch all dust, but instead, only keep the larger particles. The rest are blown out into the room.

To avoid problems caused by dust, you need to employ some extra measures. The easiest of these is to replace all standard air filters and vacuum bags with HEPA filters and bags. For manual dusting, use dusters that are treated to attract tiny particles to avoid creating invisible (or visible) clouds of loose material.

Mold Spores

These are most obvious in spring because the season's first rains send them flying into the outdoor air – but it's not the only time you need to consider them. If your home has a damp spot, chances are that mold, whether visible or invisible, is growing there and putting forth spores. To stop this, dry out the affected areas.


It'd seem like it stands to reason that this will be a seasonal problem, but that's really only true in some areas. In many locations, the big spring pollen-fest simply segues into a time of pollen from flowers, and in turn, this fades into a final blast of pollen from crops and late-blooming wild plants. This makes it so that only the dead of winter is safe in Des Moines IA.

Eye Care Treatments for Allergies

Fortunately, you don't have to tough it out for three out the year's four seasons. Instead, you can see an optometrist in Des Moines such as our clinic here at Huseman Eye Care. We can provide anti-allergy eye drops and other such measures to keep your orbs free of that itchy wateriness the ads love to talk about so much. Our clinic serves both Des Moines and West Des Moines, IA, so your trip to one of our two offices will be nice and convenient.

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