Time for an Eye Exam in West Des Moines?

If it’s been more than a year since your last eye exam in West Des Moines, then it may be time to contact Huseman Eye Care to schedule your appointment. Our optometry team offers comprehensive eye and vision exams that utilize the best in eye care technology to protect your ocular health. Even if you haven’t noticed any changes in your own eye or vision health since your last exam, there are a number of reasons to have your eyes checked out by our optometrist on an annual basis.

The Importance of Regular Exams With Our Eye Doctor in Des Moines

For starters, having an annual exam with our eye doctor in Des Moines allows us to stay on top of even the most subtle changes in your eye health. After all, symptoms of eye diseases and conditions aren’t always obvious, so having an eye exam done can help our doctor spot potential signs of these issues as early on as possible. This could increase the chances for eye disease prevention or successful treatment of any eye condition you may have.

In addition to spotting signs of eye problems, an annual eye exam will ensure that your vision prescription is up-to-date. Even if you haven’t noticed any changes in your eyesight, small changes in your prescription may have taken place since the last time you got new glasses or contacts. And because wearing the wrong prescription can actually further damage your eyesight, keeping your vision prescription up-to-date is another important reason to have a comprehensive eye exam done at least once a year.

Schedule Your Exam With Our West Des Moines Optometrist Today!

If you’re due for an eye exam or would simply like to find out more about what our West Des Moines optometrist has to offer, contact our office at Huseman Eye Care today! You can reach us by calling (515) 224-9681.

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