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Annual Eye Exams are Essential for Proper Vision and Eye Disease Prevention

Our West Des Moines eye doctor at Huseman Eye Care can help you preserve your vision with annual eye exams. Not only will you see clearer with our quality care, but our comprehensive eye exams are the key to eye disease prevention. Read on to learn more about the importance of these examinations with our West Des Moines eye doctor.

man getting annual eye exam

The Importance of an Annual Eye Exam Throughout Life

Children’s vision can change rapidly as they grow and develop, which is why we recommend an annual pediatric eye exam for your child. Vision screenings they receive in school are often inaccurate, and they don’t have the ability to ‘see’ other issues such as developing diseases like an eye doctor can. We even offer infant eye exams, which can help detect vision problems in your baby early on.

An annual eye exam is also recommended for adults and especially for seniors. An adult or senior eye exam can help reveal conditions that can develop with age such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. These are conditions that could take years to discover through traditional medicine, so make a yearly visit to Huseman Eye Care a priority to preserve your vision.

What We Screen for During An Eye Exam in West Des Moines

Whether you’re getting an adult exam, a pediatric eye exam or a senior eye exam in Des Moines, we look for several eye conditions including farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and other ocular issues. These include:

Strabismus—Also known as turned or crossed eyes, we will check your eye alignment to see how well your eyes are working in unison. This condition can cause depth perception issues and lead to amblyopia if left untreated.

Amblyopia—Misaligned eyes or those with two highly different prescriptions are at greater risk for developing amblyopia. This condition can impede visual development in the affected eye that lead to permanent vision issues. Patching the eye is the easiest course of treatment.

Eye Diseases—In the early stages eye diseases like diabetic eye disease and glaucoma have no apparent symptoms. Early detection is essential for proper treatment, and our exams can uncover these issues to reduce the risks of permanent vision loss.

Physical Conditions—We have specialized equipment that look behind your eyes to establish if you have physical health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol so you can see your physician immediately for further tests and treatment.

What to Expect During a West Omaha Eye Exam

After a consultation with our optometrist in West Omaha, we’ll run a series of eye tests that typically include:

  • Reading an eye chart.
  • Eye cover tests for alignment.
  • Using a phoropter to check for manual refractions.
  • A slit lamp examination of the eye.
  • Examining the retina after dilation.

We also offer the applanation tonometry exam to check for glaucoma, which may incur an additional charge.

Looking for a West Des Moines Eye Doctor?

With two convenient locations in the area, there’s no reason for you not to see things clearly with an annual eye exam in West Des Moines to preserve your vision and for eye disease prevention. Call Huseman Eye Care’s optometrist in West Des Moines at 515-224-9681 or contact our Des Moines optometrist at 515-278-1653.

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